Sunday, September 13, 2020

How scientists can improve their impact

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This May a paper we've been working hard on for about 2.5 years finally came out! The basic idea is to provide tips for scientists to improve the chances that their research will have its desired impact. Essentially it's the paper my co-authors and I wish we had when we were starting as scientists. 

We have talked about this paper with well over a hundred people, and they all liked different things, and had different requests for accompaniments to it! Some wanted more context, some wanted a super-short version of it, some wanted video, etc. So we put together a whole package of resources (listed below and all available at; please take a look at whatever appeals!

  1. The full paper (~6,000 words, but we use simple language so it’s a fairly quick and easy read)
  2. Short summaries of the paper:
    1. High level overview & examples of our recommendations, plus links to all of the products listed here: (~900 words, ~4 min reading time). We also have a downloadable version of this overview to print and share.
    2. Science brief on Cool Green Science (~500 words, 2.5 min reading time) – briefly explains the idea of the paper
  3. Interviews
    1. OCTO (Open Communications for the Ocean) interview (~1,100 words, ~5.5 min reading time)
    2. Cool Green Science interview plus framing on the need for the paper (~2,500 words, ~12 min reading time)
  4. Video 
    1. Recording of a webinar about our paper (22 minute presentation plus 35 minutes discussion)

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